Tolerance Of Uncertainty

Author: John Bancroft
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How should he deal with that? In this book, he explores how some scientists have tolerated uncertainty and goes on to consider uncertainty in relation to our morals.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment For Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Author: Michel Joseph Dugas
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So what does that say about the strategy of increasing certainty? Client: That it
doesn't work. Actually, now that I think about it, trying to increase my certainty
means that I will have to keep doing all those things every day. I guess that
means my only other option is to try to increase my tolerance. Therapist: Exactly.
So that means that we need to think about how you can increase your tolerance
for uncertainty. The challenge, of course, is that even if you can see the need to
increase your ...

Organizational Simulation

Author: William B. Rouse
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Tolerance for Uncertainty Tolerance for Uncertainty comes from Hofstede's (1980
) Uncertainty Avoidance dimension. The CLM changed the term because the
original term was difficult to explain to practitioners. Tolerance for Uncertainty is
part of the social context of cognition as well as part of cognition itself. While it
moderates the interpersonal interactions within organizations, it is also influential
in risk assessment and decision making. This dimension often appears in
business and ...

Managing Uncertainty In Organizational Communication

Author: Michael W. Kramer
Publisher: Routledge
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By denying uncertainty, individuals take a position that they understand their
situation or at least understand it adequately, even though they may not.
Although denial of uncertainty may not accurately reflect the risk or uncertainty of
their situation, it does manage the uncertainty in such a way that it no longer
concerns individuals or results in observable communication behaviors.
Tolerance of Uncertainty. Another way that individuals may manage uncertainty
once it is experienced is by ...

Measurement Uncertainty In Chemical Analysis

Author: Paul De Bièvre
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Paul De Bièvre, Helmut Günzler. 2. Uncertainty associated with the balance
calibration, 0ca!?hncc, defined by 2 x Tolerance talih. — rpy where the Tolerance
is obtained from the balance calibration certificate. The Eurachem guide
suggests that when the uncertainty components are described by a confidence
interval, ...

Uncertainty Calibration And Probability

Author: C.F Dietrich
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351406272
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All formulations are discussed and demonstrated with the minimum of mathematical knowledge assumed. This second edition offers additional examples in each chapter, and detailed additions and alterations made to the text.

Model Validation And Uncertainty Quantification Volume 3

Author: H. Sezer Atamturktur
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319152246
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20.10 Nested parameter spaces with increasing uncertainty bounds Fig. 20.11
Three-dimensional plot showing trade-off between probability of satisfying, error
tolerance and parametric uncertainty for the (a) accurate model, (b) inaccurate
model with 25% underestimated shear area and (c) inaccurate model with 25%
overestimated shear area It can be observed from Fig. 20.11 that as error
tolerance increases so too does the probability of satisfying the error tolerance.
The rate of ...

Evaluating The Measurement Uncertainty

Author: I Lira
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420034363
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An. example: tolerance. checking. Measurements are usually needed to quantify
product characteristics or to control the variables of production processes in order
to make sure that these characteristics or variables stay within prescribed limits.
Many times, such measurement results are compared with the specifications that
have been set forth for the products or processes to be acceptable. In most cases,
a specification consists of a desired nominal value together with its tolerance.

Experimentation And Uncertainty Analysis For Engineers

Author: Hugh W. Coleman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471121466
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... acquisition. many data readings can be taken in a very short period of time. If
the random effects on the variable have a larger time frame, one set of computer
acquired readings will not be sufficient to determine S, and several sets of
readings will have to be taken over the appropriate time frame. This concept of
time frame for the determination of random uncertainty is stressed throughout ihe
book and discussed further in Chapter 4. 2-3.4 Tolerance and Prediction Intervals
in Sample ...