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It addresses the amlag as if they were present. In the bayani prayer, the bayani (
unseen beings) are being addressed as though they were present. In this topya
prayer, the following lines show examples of apostrophe. These constellations -
baybay, tabuko, keleb, sagada, and tudong - are addressed as though they were
persons able to understand. The following lines are examples of apostrophe
lifted from the. Batakagan ed beskaan agew ay mamewas Ibe-as mo pay di
buwenas da ...

Building Up Aspect

Author: Maria Stambolieva
Publisher: Peter Lang
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The process is suffixal and is known as Imperfectivation. Imperfectivation is more
regular than Perfectivation. In Bulgarian, the opposition of simple or derived
Perfective verbs and derived Imperfective verbs has great generality and
regularity. The imperfectivating suffixes are -a-, -va-, -ova- and, rarely, -uva-:
When derived Imperfectives are formed out of Perfective verbs, which are
themselves derived from simple Imperfectives, the process of derivation results in
triples: (5) a. Topya (I A) ...

A Complete Greek Grammar For The Use Of Students

Author: John William Donaldson
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€<avo)(6ovv To this class belong the pluperfects of the three verbs mentioned in
the last observation, namely, e'uwcciv from cotxa, iutXireiv from toXira, and
iuipytiv from topya. (2) Reduplication. 306 Reduplication is found (a) in the
present and imperfect of the first three conjugations of verbs in -fit (class a), and
in some few consonantal verbs, as irhrroi for mirero), fii/ivta for fUfievo), fiifivr)<
TKa> for fj,t/M€V7]o-Kco, yvyvdxr/ca) for yuyivojo-icoj, &c. In these cases the
vowel of the ...

A Grammar Of The Greek Language Chiefly From The Germ Of R K Hner

Author: William Edward Jelf
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X^yw, I. pft. £vvtl\oxa, e£ft\oxa : but pft. midd. crvveiKtypai. ttcjiitu, I. pft.
TreTTOpcpa : but Ttintpptai. rpi-ma, I. pft. rerpocpa (the same as the II. pft. of rpc<
bco) and rirpacpa ; (this d in the perf. is anomalous, and probably is only allowed
here to distinguish it from Ttrpocpa from rptcpa.) Obs. 3. So also dyiqoxa (ayco),
lo'rfboyp. (1810), iyrfvo\a (f'vcieco), irt'irruKO from irtnrra, euxa Dor. for tlxa from
tipi, (3e(36Xr||iai (/SdXXta) SeSoKTjp.^i'os (Seicopai), aupTO (acipa), topya (pt'fffl
), ^tvwxcito II.

Harper S Dictionary Of Classical Literature And Antiquities

Author: Harry Thurston Peck
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Iu consequence of the belief in this power of the Gorgon's head, or Gorgoneion,
to paralyze anil figures of speech, which is in part preserved in a J terrify an
enemy, the Greeks carved images of it Latin paraphrase by Rutilius Lupus. See
Ruti- | in its most terrifying forms, not only on armour UU8 Lupus. of all sorts,
especially shields and breastplates, but Gorgo (Topya). The wife of Leouidas,
king of als0 ou walls and Sates- TuIls. on the 80U,1> wal1 Sparta. A fine repartee
of hers is given ...

Wiener Beitr Ge Zur Kulturgeschichte Und Linguistik

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Another Deo, important for the progress of the train, is Topya Deo, the signal pole
. Whenever a train approaches, his topi (hat) falls down, therefore the Deo's
name: Topya Deo. He is supposed to draw the train near to him and to urge it
farther. Kuku is applied to the signal pole, and a coconut is broken in honour of
Topya Deo. Chapter XXIII Vows and Supplications In times of sickness, a
pilgrimage to a famous temple, or to a certain fair (mela), or to a renowned sadhu
may be promised.

De Kosmopoliet Of Waereldburger

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op den vloed Topya, die naby hunne verblyfplaats langs het gebergte stroomde,
intescheepen. Deeze vloed was een arm van dien der Amazoomen; met welken
hy zich, na eene vaart van ruim tweehonderd Spaansche mylen, eindelyk
vereenigde. Hun voorneemen was, om, na den mond van den Topya te hebben
bereikt, met den Amazoonenstroom verder aftedryven, totdat zy aan eene der
Portugeesche volkplantingen langs de kusten van Brasiliën aankwamen ;
vanwaar zy naar ...

Survey Of Marathi Dialects

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vn karim navaco ek topikar asallo/ to ek gavatlyan dusre gava ani dusre
gavatlyan tisre gava aso topi ikit bhovtalo/ ek dis to paysalle gava yaytalo/
vaitvayta tsk dampar jali/ yel bodar yeylo/ ani dhagan pay bhajo lagle/ pota bhuk
bi khub lagli/ mhainon ek talyakaden vhati ase jhad palovn tya jhadaponda teni
aplya topya vaje davallg/ ani Jeavan kelS/. jevan kartaric tek nhid yeu lagli/-
mhanon to topya voja tekon to nhidlo/ pun boda asli ti topi kodcak isallo/ .. - . . tya
jhadar kay makad ...

The Principles Of Greek Grammar

Author: Peter Bullions
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IIvv0ávopat, to learn by inquiry: (1 R. rej6-, 2. rv0-,) 1 f. reigopal, (poetic rtó0opal,)
&c. R. from rejów; 2 aor. m. trufléany, perf. pass. Ténvopat. P. Pića, p30, EPTC, to
do: (1 R. pty-, and #py-, 3 Öpy-, from 2'APT-,) 1.f. #éo and opło, &c. R. p.m. topya.
- Péo, to flow : (1 R. psû-, and put-,) 1.f. esco and Éviao, p. §§unka, &c. R. - from
Évéo, 2 aor, pass. §§nv. - 'Pnyvöw, flyvvut, to break: (1 R. fly-, 2 flay-, 3 poy-, irreg.
) 1 f. §fišo, &c. R. from fiflood, (i. e. PHTQ,) s. s. p.m. ipfwya, 2 aor. pass. #66).my.