Understanding And Managing Tourism Impacts

Author: Colin Michael Hall
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415771331
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An Integrated Approach Colin Michael Hall, Alan A. Lew ... Impact studies
emerged in the nineteenth century in response to the industrial revolution and the
rapid growth in population that accompanied it. The industrial revolution began in
England in ... In the United States, for example, railroad mileage grew from 23
miles in 1830 to 2,818 miles in 1840, and as a result of industrial revolution-
driven European migration, the US population grew 17-fold from 1800 to 1900.
That century of ...

Tourism And Economic Development

Author: R. N. Ghosh
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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environment that is relatively better than that of the tourist generating areas of
Europe and North America, tourism development would not take place. This
makes it critically ... An example of the use of a systemic approach to
understanding the interrelationships between tourism development, living
standards, community attitudes and environmental change was provided in the
case of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. ... Passport to Development?, Oxford
University Press, New York. Gunn ...

Dividends From Space

Author: Frederick Ira Ordway
ISBN: 9780690241341
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housing projects "utilizing new housing technologies." It would seem that ...
Nevertheless research involving the systems approach to mass housing has
been conducted in the United States as well as Europe. For example, a study by
General Electric Company's Missiles and Space Division of the problems of
producing housing for dependents of the armed forces resulted in a solution that
would be equally applicable to building mass housing for expanding urban or
suburban areas.

L Homme Et Son Environment Haute Altitude

Author: Paul T. Baker
ISBN: 9782222028512
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in North America, Europe, Latin America and New Zealand. Although not all of
these activities have reached the high level of interdisciplinarity and problem
orientation desired, they are all important field and desk studies in their own right,
and have benefited from the international and regional planning phase of MAB
Project 6. The results of these projects will be useful beyond their national
contexts. Based on the Final Report of the sixth session of the MAB International
Coordinating ...

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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... Sentencing Juvenile Offenders: Comparing Public Preferences and Judicial
Practice; SA 12082 September 1 1: Societal Reaction Perspective; SA 16444
Systems Approach to Analysis of Public Opinion Monitoring; SA00051 Social
Relations and Social Capital in Vietnam: Findings from the 2001 World Values
Survey; SA 15925 Terrorism and the 1mage of the United States in Latin America
; SA10324 Tourism and Popular Perceptions: Mapping Jamaican Attitudes;
SA03837 Values, ...

The Geographical Magazine

Author: Michael Huxley
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Eastern Europe and in developing countries; approaches to tourism also vary
widely from country to country - it is difficult to imagine a Languedoc-Roussillon
being developed in the United Kingdom. ... Queenstown in the South Island of
New Zealand, an example of largely unplanned development, and Languedoc-
Roussillon. which exemplifies large-scale planning; the choice is presumably a
reflection of Dr Pearce's position as senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury
and his ...

The Oxford Handbook Of Environmental History

Author: Andrew C. Isenberg
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199394474
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Hal Rothman, Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the TwentiethCentury West (Lawrence
: University Press of Kansas, 1998); William Jordan, “Ten Thousand Thoreaus,”
Ecological Restoration 18 (Winter 2000): 215. ... A fuller comparison of these two
approaches is beyond the scope of this essay. For an ... For one example of
these theories applied to Latin America, see Kenneth Duncan and Ian Rutledge,
eds., Land and Labor in Latin America (New York: Cambridge University Press,

Tourism Recreation Research

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comparisons of the hospitality management education systems in Australia, the
UK and the USA. ... Issues such as industry relevance, curriculum balance with
generic business and service courses, quality of students and faculty are all
missed. ... This approach then provides the framework against which two key
questions are explored: how did gay tourism emerge as a 'new' international
routine; and what are the effects of gay tourism on both the broader destination
and the gay ...

After The Moscow Summit

Author: Norton T. Dodge
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The system will process six million messages a month and will be in operation by
the end of 1973. Compu ter assisted systems would appear to have a wide
application throughout the Soviet economy. The many Soviet managerial service
specialists studying in the United States may stimulate Soviet interest in this area.
European experience suggests that the field is one in which the United States not
only has the leadership, but seems able to maintain and expand on its