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Trullo is about serious cooking, but with a simple, laid-back approach. From creative antipasti and knockout feasts to the bold pasta dishes that inspired Trullo’s sister restaurant Padella, this is food that brings people together.

Religions Of Late Antiquity In Practice

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James C. Skedros The Council in Trullo was held sometime in the capital of the
Roman empire, Constantinople. Although the dates of the Council are often given
as 691-692 C.E., it is most likely that the Council gathered "between the 1st of
September and the 31st of December, probably in October 691" (Joannou 1962,
98). The Council met in the same domed room (trullo is Latin for dome) of the
imperial palace where the Sixth Ecumenical Council (680 c.E.) had been held.
This was ...

Byzantine Orthodoxies

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Papers from the Thirty-sixth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, University
of Durham, 23-25 March 2002 Andrew Louth, Augustine Casiday. In the
beginning was the Word: Art and Orthodoxy at the Councils of Trullo (692) and
Nicaea II (787) Leslie Brubaker In terms of art and Orthodoxy, in the beginning
there was no word at all: the earliest canonical legislation dealing with images
dates to 691-2 and was proposed by the Quinisext Council (Council in Trullo).1
The Trullan ...


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Then at least they could lower Trullo down to take the strain oif what must have
been a pair of aching arms, legs and back. Lawrence had done some climbing in
his youth and knew by days end even the stoutest limbs began to feel rubbery.
Simon, Saifron and Richard almost had the hoisting platform complete. It was
roughly two and a half feet square with two layers of three inch diameter poles
lashed strongly together at right angles. Saifron claimed it would be strong
enough to carry ...

Elogio Del Trullo

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Senza pietra non c'è trullo. La pietra della Murgia, non il tufo poroso della costa.
Un'immensa spugna di pietra giace sotto la terra dei trulli. Terra senza fiumi,
senza foci. La noria materna cavava l'acqua dai labirinti profondi e l'asino
bendato girava girava disegnando eternamente lo zero. Per quelle gravine i
diluvi hanno scavato grotte di stalat- titi, antri solenni di stalagmiti nelle viscere di
Castel- lana e dintorni. Dopo non c'è più un trullo. Finita la pietra calcarea bianca
e dura che ...

Morte Nel Trullo

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... Ringraziamenti Note dell'autore ...

La Trulleida Overo Cento Soneti Sopra Due Raconti Di Don Trullo

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ñ. un OnTrullo ò quam'amore habbo a'NeroD La sua îlran'Madre l RÎÎ'hOÎ-TCh'
astrO-(ne Che faria ata morta,e lacerata, (logatai 'ci diRpma giongeua alle
corone Rispos: atditamente :ill Ciel pur donc i i Dell'impeto al .Figliuol'l'auge
beata ,l Efen cada Agnppma sulsccraia , E sia l'Tebbro al mio
sanguevnRubicone Vn simile d'amorgrande portento :' Certo mosh'ouul .il
Cardelliuîchè pria ' Disse del suo morir; Moro contenw , _ Porche cokcaso della
Morte mia, Paeendonñi Don Trullo i] ...

The Case For Clerical Celibacy

Author: Cardinal Alphonso Stickler
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Canon 13 of the Council in Trullo is found at pp. 140-43, the texts of the African
councils, pp. 216-18 and 240-41. Canon 70, which also treats of celibacy, is
found at pp. 312-13. The Byzantine collection of the Pedalion is missing. The text
of canon 13 as formulated at Trullo is as follows (we will follow the Greek text as
we do not know the Latin text at the disposition of the Council Fathers): "Scimus
autem quod et qui Carthagine convenerunt ministrorum gravitatis in vita curam
gerentes ...

Reports Of Selected Cases Decided In Courts Of The State Of New York Other Than The Court Of Appeals And The Appellate Division Of The Supreme Court Miscellaneous Reports

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APPEARANCES OF COUNSEL Sutter, Summers & Lydon (James D. Sutter of
counsel), for Clara Trullo, defendant. Polito & Anderson (William P. Polito of
counsel), for Shawn L. Scialo and another, defendants. Nixon, Hargrave, Devans
& Doyle (Susan W. Allport of counsel), for plaintiff. OPINION OF THE COURT
ARTHUR ERVIN BLAUVELT, J . These are motions by defendant Trullo for
summary judgment and a protective order and a cross motion by defendants
Scialo for summary ...