Understanding Vineyard Soils

Author: Robert E. White
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199342067
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The first edition of Understanding Vineyard Soils has been praised for its comprehensive coverage of soil topics relevant to viticulture.

The Grapevine

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Excellent photos of leaves and shoot tips. Illustrated. Gives a description,
aptitudes and geographic distribution. Soils 1 . Soils for Fine Wines. Robert White
. 2003. Oxford Univ Press. This is probably the best book going now on vineyard
soils. It covers soil science, but in a way the novice can understand. It connects
the dots between soil properties and wine quality. Virtually essential reading for
the wine growers. Read it BEFORE you plant. 2. Terrolr. James Wilson. 1998. UC


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Summing Up: Recommended. kk Upper-division undergraduate through
professional collections; public libraries. — L. M. Nagel, Michigan Technohgical
University 47-2565 S597 2008-29797 CIP White, Robert E. Understanding
vineyard soils. Oxford, 2009. 230p bibl index afp ISBN 978019531 1259, $39.95
Understanding Vineyard Soils follows the author's Soils for Fine Wines (CH, Dec'
03, 41-2172), and retains the strengths of the earlier work: good structure, clear
scientific writing ...

Oregon Viticulture

Author: Edward William Hellman
ISBN: 9780870715549
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18 Soil Management and Grapevine Nutrition Alan Campbell and Daniel Fey
Across Oregon and around the world, grapevines are grown in a wide variety of
soils. Each soil has its own distinctive combination of properties that influence
vine growth and the resulting qualities of fruit and wine. Vineyard soil
management begins with understanding the important properties of vineyard
soils. These properties include soil texture, structure, depth, drainage, organic
matter, organisms, water- ...

Long Island Fruit And Vegetable Update

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Mark will be coming to Long Island to discuss a diverse range of topics such as
fruit set, grape maturity, understanding vineyard soils and water management,
crop and canopy management and much more. Read more about Mark and
Advanced Viticulture including his articles for Wine Business Monthly and
Practical Winery and Vineyard at his website <http:// www.advancedvit.com/>. A
fee of $25 is re- Food Safety With Fruits And Vegetables: Recent food safety
related LI Fruit ...

The Effects Of Agricultural Acidification On A Vineyard Soil S Chemical And Mineralogical Properties

Author: Lisa Rose Stallings
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Introduction Soil is a precious and finite resource. One of the important questions
that faces us today is: What are the long term consequences of our management
of soil systems? Since the first experiments on soil fertility 150 years ago, most
soils research has been directed at understanding the behavior and interactions
of nutrients in a managed system. This research has focused on quantitative
instead of qualitative changes to soil. There has been less research on the effects
of ...

Australian Viticulture

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It is hoped that the ability to measure vineyard soil pH will ultimately result in
higher quality grapes through better understanding of soil quality. Predicting. soil.
pH. changes. in. Australian. vineyards. Calculator of Soil pH Change for Drip
Irrigated Vineyards Values. By Ben Thomas1 and Richard Merry2 Scholefield
Robinson Horticultural Services senior consultant Ben Thomas. Background
Grapevines, like most plants, are affected by soil pH. In acidic soils, root growth is
restricted ...

Soils And Food Security

Author: Ronald E. Hester
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 1849734267
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To that end, the Soil Conservation requirements are aimed at helping growers
understand their soil characteristics to the degree possible, to conserve and
improve beneficial soil attributes, and use best management practices to correct
deficiencies in soil tilth, water and nutrient ... At a minimum, growers must
determine the soil series of the vineyard under assessment, as well as its erosion
hazard, permeability and run-off rates in order to assist in production-related

Growing Quality Grapes To Winery Specifications

Author: Mark Krstic
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To a large extent the influence of the soil on the grapevine is determined when
the vineyard site is selected. However, there are several opportunities for
growers to reduce or overcome soil- related problems such as acidity, salinity,
sodicity, compaction, erosion and waterlogging in order to improve fruit quality.
These are discussed later in this section. Understanding soil structure Soils are
made up of mineral particles, organic matter, water, air and living organisms. It is
essential that ...