Pious Annotations Upon The Holy Bible Expounding The Difficult Places Thereof Learnedly And Plainly With Other Things Of Great Importance Etc Translated By R G With A Portrait

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Babel] That is to fay:confusion. V. 10. The generations]. After that through the
confusion of languages God had feparated from the rest of the world the holy
stock, which onely kept the originall language, Mofes decribeth how it was
continued, and ... V.28. Before], Heb. before the face. Or, before the eyes, viz,
whilst heyet lived, Num. 3.4. - V. 29, of Haran]. It is uncertain, whether this Haran
where the brother of Nahor; and if he were, you must note that these marriages of
uncle and neece, ...

Popular Science

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(Ten minutes.) The Spratt Family's Pork Jack's capacity for lean pork is V» minus
1/4o, or V 10 of a barrel per week, so that he can eat the lean half of the barrel in
five weeks. In that same time Mrs. Spratt will eat s/i2 of a barrel of fat pork. At the
end of five weeks, therefore, there will be left just Viz of a barrel of fat, which will
suffice Mr. and Mrs. Spratt for five days. Therefore ... if The big opportunity you've
always wanted — to make extra money, BIG MONEY, in your spare time, at home

Scientific American

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Paris. Responsible Agents may also be found in all the principal citles and towns
in the United States. Terms—~82 a-yesr—Sl in advance and the remainThe
nature of the invention consists in generating, in large quantifies and with great
rapidity, carbonic and other gases, resulting from combustion, and discharging
such gases, while -- —|- '——_l ' ' "' V v; , l , dermflmomhs. i Z intermixed with
steam, upon or about any , ' 7 i if 7 7 V ' '10/ burning mass and difi'using the same
into the .

The National Register

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In Creat Britain, for the Week ending October 15. Whe.it Barley Oats hit J. Sf
Wales. s. d. 85 5 53 10 42 3 32 6 Eng. i; Wale,. Beans - - - - Peas - - - - Oatmeal - -
- • Big - - - . a. d. 63 7 66 0 50 II BXBRIDGE.— TORN INSPECTOR'S RETURN,
Oci. 20. £. » £. s. I £. f. £. s. Wheat, perld. 24 0 a 29 0 Oats.perqr. - 1 16 a 2 2
Barley, per qr. 2 5a 2 8 | Beans, do. - S 0 a S 10 Peas £V. 18s. a £3. 49. per
quarter. AVERAGE PRICE OF SUGAR, Computed from the returns made for the
Week ending the ...

The Parish Of St Margaret Westminster The Parish Of St Margaret Westminster V 10

Author: George Topham Forrest
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The latter dimension is clearly incorrect, there being no room for such a depth,*
but the two short dimensions at the east end, viz. 1 8 feet 9 inches north to south
and 17 feet 6 inches east to west, closely approximate to those of the present
buildings as shown on the Ordnance sheet. According to Kip's view (Plate 77),
the chapel had a tiled roof hipped at the west end, and a gable at the east end,
with a small, square structure at the ridge level, which probably contained a bell.f
Large ...

Bell S Weekly Messenger

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The French G net 1 much with a large corps for the same object The heads of his
columns a tackcj Gen...rel cro cued, which, after making a very i , 'esistance, was
oblig d to yield to the great bers. .... In the evening General KLEREF retired his
right wing into his position; but a battalia at the extreinity cf his left, that had
advanced to ruin the right of the Australias, was completely cut of - - Thus, n:v 1.0
d, end d an a fair, which, though less important than that of the 15th near Wetzlar,
becaus: ...

The Magazine Of Natural History And Journal Of Zoology Botany Mineralogy Geology And Meteorology

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Professor Bell. UNIVERSITY OF LONDON. 1 rom tlie applications made to
individuals. liberally placed at their disposal his nomination to an Assistant-
Surgeoney in the service of the East India Company. The Council will before the
end of the Set- ... Instruction in Pharmaceutical Chemistry is given to private
Pupils in the Professor's laboratory in the course of the Session. CHEMISTRY.-
Professor, Dr. Turner. Daily, except Saturday, 10 to 11. Fee 7/. First Division 4/. ;
Second Division 31.

A Dictionary Of The Holy Bible

Author: John Brown
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John Brown. ApmiiM Mucin* them to hrutal slavery, Iloe v. 10. The binding up the
testimony, and sealing the kmewmng the disciple-i, may denote the pre- serviaj of
the trutlit relative to the Messiah's I Hi x4 office, with (treat care and esteem, hy tie
followers of Christ, even ... The nocturnal birds of prey, viz. the etigle or horned
owl, great, middle, and little owl ; howlet, common brown owl, white owl, big
brown ow]. little brown owl, to which classes he joins a great number of foreign

La Belle Assembl E

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THOMAS's FASHIONABLE WAREHOUSE, The West End Corner of Chancery-
Lane, near TemplePar, London. Recommend their extensive Stock to Ladies of
Fashion and taste, of Muffs, Tippets, and Trimmings; Black and Coloured Velvets,
Figured Velvets and Sarsnet. Spanish, and every of her description of fine Ladies
Cloth, for Pelices and Mantles. Straw, Chip, and Leghorn Hats; Plain, Striped,
Worked, and Fancy Muslin, in both white and coloured; Queen's Lustres, Imperial

Survey Of London Early London V 2 3 Mediaeval London V 4 London In The Time Of The Tudors V 5 London In The Time Of The Stuarts V 6 London In The Eighteenth Century V 7 London In The Nineteenth Century V 8 Londin City V 9 London North Of The Thames V 10 London South Of The Thames

Author: Walter Besant
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... at the upper end, five feet deep, with wharves on both sides. Four bridges were
built over the canal—viz. at Bridewell, at Fleet Street, at Fleet Lane, and at
Holborn. But the canal proved unsuccessful, the stream became choked again
and resumed its old function as a sewer. Everybody remembers the Fleet in
connection with the Damian'— To where Fleet Ditch with disemboguing streams
Rolls its large tribute of dead dogs to Thames. In the year 1737 the canal
between Holborn and ...