Shades Of Green

Author: Ruth Tittensor
ISBN: 1909686786
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An Environmental and Cultural History of Sitka Spruce Ruth Tittensor. Forestry ...
Koster, J. (1995) Wood in Early American Keyboard Instruments as Evidence of
Origins. ... Moore, J. (2011) Wood Properties and Uses of Sitka Spruce in Britain.

Guide To Biomass Comminution Material Properties Machinery Principles Of The Process And Fundamentals Of Process Modelling

Author: Lukasz Niedzwiecki
ISBN: 3863419383
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The hardness test by static ball indentation for wood, especially for Nara-wood
under various moisture condition. Sapporo : Institute of forest utilisation, 1973.
Moore, J. 2011. Wood properties and uses of Sitka spruce in Britain. Edinburgh ...

The Biology Of Reaction Wood

Author: Barry Gardiner
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642108148
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For Sci 11:413–424 Larson PR (1972) Evaluating the quality of fast-grown
coniferous wood. ... Cameron AD, Petty JA, Lee SL (2004) Effect of growth rate on
wood properties of genetically improved Sitka spruce. ... effects of transformation
of even-aged stands to continuous cover forestry on conifer log quality and wood
properties in the UK. ... Choice of Sitka spruce seed origins for use in British

Forest Tree Breeding In Europe

Author: Luc E Pâques
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400761465
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indirect assessment of wood density and lignin amount, estimation of quantitative
genetic parameters, and index ... Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cult 53:27–33 Fletcher
AM, Faulkner R (1972) A plan for the improvement of Sitka spruce by ... Can J For
Res 28:920–931 Harding T (1988) British softwoods: properties and uses.

Wood In Construction

Author: Jim Coulson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119968259
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The heartwood of Spruce is generally reckoned to be of low durability, so it needs
to be treated with preservative for any long-term exterior use: ... The main uses of
European whitewood are joinery (although much less commonly found in this
use in the UK, than European ... Because Sitka spruce is of course a true Spruce,
its heartwood is also of very low natural durability: and furthermore, as a true
Spruce, ... However, on the bright side, its movement characteristics are rated as

Sustainable Use Of Wood In Construction

Author: Jim Coulson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118539648
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wood species and this fact is most important when using it as strengthgraded
timber. ... the higherstrength construction uses, than either imported redwoodor
whitewood – oreven British grown Scots pine. Because Sitka spruce is, of course,
a true spruce,its heartwood isalso of very low natural durability,and furthermore,
being atrue spruce, it is also ... its movement characteristics areratedas small –
soit canbe muchmore stableinservice (provided the quality is good; and things
like knots ...

Forest Bioenergy Production

Author: Seppo Kellomäki
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461483913
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that are relevant to the traditional industrial uses of wood, i.e. the production of
high quality logs for sawmills and the pulp industry. In breeding of ... The
properties of larch wood have received little attention in breeding until recently,
since larch wood has inherently good properties. Sitka Spruce Great
Britain runs the most ambitious tree improvement program for Sitka spruce in
Europe. The most ...

Wood Microbiology

Author: Robert A. Zabel
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0323139469
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Most studies of the physical changes in wood properties associated with decay
have utilized a limited number of brown- or white-rot fungi, ... from these few fungi
and a need to determine the effects of other fungi and decay types on the major
use properties of wood. ... “The Effect of Progressive Decay by Trametes serialis
Fr. on the Mechanical Strength of Wood of Sitka Spruce.” Great Britain
Department of Science and Industrial Research, Forest Products Research
Bulletin No. 11.